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tv   News  ABC  February 22, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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right now, you are wondering how you should dress as you go out the door. manchester's temperature, 41 degrees, we should be at 27, 28 degrees now. the temperatures are well abois morning, arnold, around 43 degrees, low 40s from northeast, chester town and good morning centerville. a check of the traffic with angela. good morning, everyone as you get ready to head out, a nice drive so far. we are dealing with an incident, this going to affect arundel county, route 4, 258, bay front road, due to a collision. in the meantime, if you are traveling around the baltimore beltway, no trouble spots, building volume, 695s baltimore national pike this is where the pace picks up on the west side of 695, another live look at wilkins avenue through catonsville. inner and outer loop increasing.
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no major delays. drive times should be be bad as you head out on the harrisburg expressway. if you are traveling 95, southbound, white marsh, to 695, that's a 6-minute drive, topside of the beltway, 6 minutes there. west side, 7 minutes from 795 to i-70. back to you. a month since we have seen the republican presidential candidates face off in a debate. that ends tonight. candidates are getting ready for the last debate before super tuesday. sherrie johnson is here with a preview. with poll numbers tightening between the front runners, the stakes are high at the arizona-republican party debate. heading in to the february 28th primaries in arizona and michigan and super tuesday, rick santorum is hoping to keep momentum up against mitt romney. santorum and social and religious views will draw attention at the debate. newt gingrich is looking for an opening to regain contender
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status and paul continues his strat you to try to gather delegates. mitt romney will try to get his campaign back on course in arizona by announcing tax plan. he is desperate to win michigan, he is taking to targeting santorum and president obama. >> i went out and took on the tough issues, medicare, medicaid, social security, welfare reform, i was the leader. >> polls show the race is in michigan and arizona in a dead heat. michigan called a must win state for mitt romney. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. the baltimore county council passed a bill giving the transgender community protection under the law. the council passed it 5- 2, the bill is designed to prevent discrimination against transgender people, housing, financing or publy accommodations. accident killed two people, this is video from mc donna
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road. engine and tires completely separated from one car. police say the silver chrysler was driven by a 22 year old, crossed the center turn lane and hit a blue mercury head on. two died at the scene. a woman driving an suv was hit and not injured. the road was shut down for five hours yesterday. five people are dead in a murder-suicide in atlanta. the person who did the shooting was among the dead. police did not immediately know the relationship between the person who did the shooting and those victims. that was shocking end to a morning trip for a woman in el paso, texas. the 48-year-old woman was shot in the right leg while walking down the street pushing her
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daughter in a stroller. no one herd the fire but a shot heard by customs and border protection officers. a carjacking led to a chase in the city of juarez. more than half a mile away, el paso police are working with mexican authorities on the shooting of this investigation. the woman hit by the bullet was released from the hospital and okay. driver accused of hitting a girl on a bike and speeding away and will turn her herself in to police. impact threw the 9 year old from her bike. she suffered minor bumps and bruises. the driver turned herself in and wanted to wait for a lawyer before doing so. this morning, this is the bridge across the ohio river explosives were set off to blow up the bridge crashing it in to the river. ohio department of transportation says the
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demolition happened without robs, one pier on the ohio side will remain as a monument. thousands of teachers face layoffs and teachers in buffalo new york are getting nose jobs. all on the taxpayer's dimes. all of 3400 teachers are eligible to get plastic surgery. they are build nothing for it. buffalo schools spent $6 million on plastic surgery last year. not exactly a ranking that most people want to see in a tourism brochure. houston is one of the fattest cities. magazine says the hot weather and long commutes contribute to the widening waistlines and the city with the most fast food restaurants. baltimore is number 8. new programs getting rid of embarrassments of buying condoms for teens. >> instead of going to a store, order them through the mail. this is available for teenagers in several california counties. >> they can get them by mail for free under a brand new
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program supported by health officials and aimed at reducing pregnancy and stds. the project allows 12-19 year olds the ability to order condoms. >> they are mailed in a nondescript yellow envelope. we want to know what you think. should teenagers be able to get condoms in the mail? head to our fan page, weigh in and tell us what you think. facebook users, you may want to listen up, your profile could be helping your work. how it can affect your future.
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president barack obama joined musicians mc jagger, bb king and buddy in rocking with the white house. >> red, white and blues concert, recognition of black history month. buddy guy, takes the mic and sings a verse. >> it was part of the music series saluting the blues. they've been providing fresh meat in the community since 1782. >> the plan for the famous lexington market that could have customers eating healthier. parents, if you have girls in the house, there is a
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disturbing trend on youtube that has teen girls asking complete strangers, am i ugly, we will explain, coming up.
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parents, a trend out there now making its way to youtube, you may want to know because it could affect your teen. >> linda so is standing by to tell us how girls are asking the question, am i ugly? >> if you want to see how serious this trend has become, do a simple search on youtube, type in am i ugly. we found hundreds of videos posted by teens asking complete strangers if they are ugly. middle school aged girls and some from boys. one posted a year ago, that has gotten more than 3.4 million hit in 92,000 comments. the trend is raising plenty of concerns. here is one video we found of a girl asking am i ugly?
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comment about the story, we have a link on the website, find the main story on our main page at, also if you slide down, finds this link to your facebook page. it's our hot topic today. we have gotten several comments, passionate comments from parents and people talking about the videos about young girls making the videos asking the question, am i ugly. authorities broken up a phone scam in india. they managed to get 0000 people on a scam. they use threats of arrest or a loss of a job. they drew personal data snatched from payday loan web sites. 20million calls placed during the past two years. oil prices spiked to the
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highest level in nine months translating in to higher cost. the price for a gallon of regular unleaded is up to $3.57 according the aaa, up 9% since 2012. prices could get as high as $5. head to, click on the traffic and gas tabs to find the cheapest prices. could your facebook profile dictate your job success. within a matter of minutes researchers on the study could look at a person's facebook page and determine the taste in books and music as well as how social they are. the study says facebook information maybe stronger than personality and iq measures that are used by human resource departments. if you want to keep the buzz going all day long, caffeine zone app calculates the amount in your bloodstream. there is an app version of a $0.99 version.
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it's available for iphone, ipad and ipod touch. elijah cummings is conducting a forum to dental health care. a 12 year old child died and unable to find a dentist willing to remove an infected tooth. the forum is from 9:30 to 12:30 at the university of maryland. lawmakers is offering table games across the state. specifying the types allowed, authorized if the bill should pass. they will discuss adding a casino in pg&e county. they could have five casinos total. a third in arundel county expected to open in the summer. measure to protect kids, house panel will hear a bill on sobriety checks. the bill targets people who drive under the influence with a child in the car.
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they will check the sobriety prior to driving. the interlock would require drivers to blow in to a tube before starting the engine. brown advocating to provide access to health care. brown will testify before a state senate committee in favor of legislation that bills on the state's efforts to create a health benefit exchange. this is intended to help individuals and small businesses by health insurance. baltimore officials unveiling signs to make it easier for you to identify healthy food options in city markets. program begins at lexington and could expands to the 6 other public markets, part of the get fresh public markets initiative aiming to increase the availability in healthy foods and produce. the mayor at lexington at 10g 30, making the announcement. government looking in to the side air bags that may not inflate during a crash.
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if you are hoping to fly to cuba next month from bwi, you are going to have to wait until the fall. weekly flights were to begin on march 21st, days before pope ben digit planned visit to the communist island nation. the travel agency says they didn't translate in to ticket sales. the agency will try again in october. 38 degrees right now. let's send it over to lynette charles with a look at the weather. i don't think the weather will be too bad. we are looking at the satellite and radar, off towards the west of baltimore, that's where you see clouds in to carroll county, frederick county, not so bad. we are going to be seeing sunshine in here with clouds increasing. the reason why, we have an upper level low in to canada right now. you can see the counter clockwise spin, that looks like a cinnamon roll. another disturbance, that will drop south and move off towards the east and that will be bringing us a chance for
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showers as we go in to the afternoon and evening. that will increase the clouds like we saw the clouds increasing yesterday. here is the weather pattern, mild this morning, staying mild in the afternoon, we have high pressure off in to the atlantic, clock wise flow around high pressure, pumping in the southwesterly wind, that's a warming wind and that will keep us on the mild side for the next few days or so. future trend, goes in to motion, the fact we have the chance for showers in the forecast as we go later in to the afternoon, evening. around 6:00, 9:00, we could see the bulk of the rain moving in here. scattered in nature. it goes back in to motion, we try to dry out some in to thursday, there is a slight chance i'm keeping in the forecast for you. we have rain possible, once again as we go in to friday and a rumble of thunder in the afternoon. for today, that temperature coming in armed 60 degrees, if we get more sunshine, we will see the temperatures get a little bit higher tomorrow i'm forecasting a high, see that in
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a second. we will get breezy for today with the southwest flow, gusts up to 25 map, like yesterday, tonight's temperature, 42 degrees , the scattered showerses it will stay mild. here is what i'm forecasting for tomorrow. 66 degrees, it will be warmer and a check of the seven-day forecast for you. well, we will see very windy conditions as we head in to saturday. let's get a check of the traffic. thank you. good morning, everyone. here is what you can expect. an accident in southern arundel county. southern maryland boulevard, route 4, diverting the northbound traffic, at 258, bay front with the accident. southbound lanes are open, but we are diverting traffic. we are seeing delays there. this accident is reported with injuries, we are expecting ambulance and police authorities on the scene. looking good, especially for those of you making the drive on i-95 right now. look at harrisburg, looking good as well as 795, northwest
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expressway on the west side of 695, that's where you are seeing a little bit of delays pocket delays off and on sluggish traffic, through pikesville, drive times increasing, especially on the west side. 8 minutes from 795 to i-70, on the topside of beltway, bel air to providence, 7 minutes. former host on the view, she is back. >> star jones rejoins barbara and the rest of the ladies to talk about a cause close to her heart. and a ground breaking for a museum in dc. that's slated today. the museum is scheduled to open soon. consumers today have a legitimate concern about the chicken they eat.
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five things you need to know. cnn airing the first presidential debate in a month. all four taking part from mesa, a arizona. mitt romney hold a 6 point lead over rick santorum. president barack obama delivering remarks at the construction site of smith
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smith sewn yum -- smith sewn yum players working out for all 32 teams including the ravens and be evaluate on strength, conditioning and app attitude tests. andrew luck is projected as the draft pick's top pick come april. today is ash wednesday, beginning of lint for christians. here is a live look at the cathedral in north baltimore. they have the first mass at 7:00 to be installed as a cardinal. archbishop will celebrate the holy day with an ash wednesday mass at st. patricks cathedral. married couples are now
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